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Wine List

Orazio's proudly serves Franzia

Chablis - light, fruity mix of selected varietals

Burgundy - rich and robust red wine

Blush - delightfully dry and delicate


$10.00Half Carafe


Selected Premium White Wines by the Glass


Fontana Candida


CK Mondavi


Willamette Valley

$6.25Pinot Grigio


$6.25Orvieto Classico


$6.25Sauvignon Blanc






Selected Premium Red Wines by the Glass


Barton & Guestier




Dario D'Angelo



$6.00Cabernet Sauvignon

CK Mondavi



$7.00Pinot Noir

"Founder's Estate" Beringer



Selected Blush Wines by the Glass

$6.00White Zinfandel

Sutter Home

$6.25White Zinfandel


Cellar Selections

price by bottle


Super Tuscan, Brancia (Italy)

Blackberry, plum flavors and elegance. A blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot


Michele Chiarlo (Italy)

Dry, full bodied with a floral boquet and long on the palate.


Luigi Righetti (Italy)

An outstanding wine of raw power and softness

Champagne & Sparkling Wines


Moet & Chandon (France)

Soft with a fruit finish evocative of peaches.

$175.00Dom Perignon


The worl's premiere Champagne

$24.95Extra Dry, Great Western

(New York State)

Slightly dry with sprightly flavor and refreshing fragrance.


Martini & Ross (Italy)

Fruity, elegant with a fine, long lasting natural sparkle. 

$22.95Sparkling White Zinfandel

Beringer (California)

A wonderfully refreshing sparkler.


Freixenet  (Spain)

Forward, round and rich flavors, lightly spicy with a thoroughly satisfying finish. 


White Wines


Fontana Candida (Italy)

A soft, dry, light and crisp white wine, enticingly fleshy and fruity. 

Glass 6.25

Bottle 21.95


CK Mondavi (California)

Fresh, delicate, full in the mouth with sensations of creaminess that finish crisp and dry.

Glass 6.00

Bottle 16.95


Willamette Valley (Oregon)

Crysip, dry with a taste of elegant freshness

Glass 6.25

Bottle 22.95

Pinot Grigio

Mezzacorona (Italy)

Pleasant bouquet, delicate, fruity, dry in flavor, elegant and well balanced. 

GLass 6.25

Bottle 18.95

Orvieto Classico

Ruffino (Italy)

Slightly richer, with ripe fruit flavors and a not-too-dry taste.

Glass 6.25

Bottle 18.95

Sauvignon Blanc

Woodbridge (California)

Delicious fruit flavors and a hint of fresh clover intermingle with citrus and peach aromas. 

Glass 6.25

Bottle 18.95


Kendall-Jackson (California)

Tropical flavors and floral bouquet enhance the outstanding depth and complexity.

Glass 7.00

Bottle 25.95

$22.95Sauvignon Blanc

Nobilo (New Zealand)

Well structured, lively herbal flavors, citrus character with an elegant, lingering finish.

Available by bottle only


Beringer "Napa" (California)

Fresh tropical fruit flavors with apple, nutmet and citrus nuances.

Available by bottle only


Beringer (California)

Lush with honeysuckle aromas and fruity flavors. It is beautifully balanced with a crisp, clean finish. 

Glass 6.25

Bottle 15.95

Blush Wines

White Zinfandel

Sutter Home (California)

Glass 6.00

Bottle 15.95

White Zinfandel

Beringer (California)

Glass 6.25

Bottle 18.95

Red Wines


Barton & Guestier (France) 

Most popular wine of Burgindy; light bodies, fruity with a flowery bouquet.

Glass 6.50

Bottle 19.95


Ruffino (Italy)

Clear, brilliant with a bouquet of violets, well balanced and medium bodied. 

Glass 6.50

Bottle 18.95


Dario D'Angelo (Italy)

Dry, rich, full bodied with wonderful balance.

Glass 6.00

Bottle 15.95


Mezzacorona (Italy)

Soft, supple, rich flavors and long finish

Glass 6.25

Bottle 18.95

Cabernet Sauvnignon

CK Mondavi (California)

Full bodied, hints of raspberries in the nose. 

Glass 6.00

Bottle 16.95


Rosemount (Australia)

Rich, complez, peppery plum fruit character

Glass 6.25

Bottle 23.95


Septima (Argentina)

Lucious black and red-berry flavors. 

Glass 6.25

Bottle 18.95

Pinot Noir

"Founder's Estate" Beringer (California)

Delicate aromas, rose petals and exotic fresh berry fruit flavors. 

Glass 7.00

Bottle 25.95


Luii Righetti (Italy)

Dry, fruity, fresh and harmonious

Available by bottle only

$23.95Pinot Noir

Bearboat (California)

Fresh strawberry and raspberry flavors.

Available by bottle only

$26.95Chianti Classico

"Aniano" Ruffino (Italy)

Delicate bouquet, complex and well balanced.

Available by bottle only

$19.95Red Zinfandel

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi (California)

Rich velvety layers of black cherry and peppery spice.

Available by bottle only

$24.95Red Zinfandel

Bonterra (California)

Full of flavor with an appealing raspberry nose and peppery palate. 

Available by bottle only


Blackstone California)

Excellent fruit structure, rich, spicy flavors

Available by bottle only 

$24.95Cabernet Sauvignon

Robert Mondavi (California)

Rich berry and spice flavors with hints of spicy oak and vanilla on the silky finish.

Available by bottle only

$30.95Cabernet Sauvignon

Hess  (California)

Blackberry and vanilla flavors.

Available by bottle only


"Baby Amarone" Masi (Italy)

Smooth, complex, mellow and silky, its bouquet has spicy licorice and coffee tones

Available by bottle only